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Realization - Max/Liz (Max/Tess) - PG

There's nothing quite like seeing the one - your one - the *one* that you were so sure was your *one* - with someone else. With Tess - who very well could be his *one*.

Your breath catches in your throat, and your legs won't move, you can't move, you must move.

You're trapped. In the spot where you're watching them kiss. They kiss like it's the most comfortable thing in the world, like they're so used to each others lips, each other's touch.

There's nothing quite like realizing the person your soul belongs to - that their soul belongs to someone else.
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Wow, normally, I'm not big on the Max/Lizness, but I really feel bad for her here. I think it's the last line that gets me. Awesome job, Ambsie.