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roswell100's Journal

Roswell Drabbles
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This is a community for Roswell Drabbles. Here are the rules.

1. Every Monday a challenge is posted. You have until Wensday 12 midnight Central time (so Thursday)a new post with a story. At that time the drabble will be closed.

2. Each story must be exactly 100 words.

3. Each story must be centered around a character/characters from Roswell. X-overs are allowed.

4. If a story is R or above (sexual content, graphic violence) label it clearly.

5. Do not post more than 3 responses to the challenge each week.

6. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post.

7. No flaming. No plugging unless you have a story to go with the plug. A story that goes with the challenge. Please.

8. No Intro threads. Introduce yourself through fic. Feedback whatever. Just no specific threads.

9. Feedback is your friend. Give it to get it.

10. No flaming or hate. I will *not* tolerate it. Try to bash and race and/or sexual preference and you're out. No character or ship bashing either. I will be strict on this.